Nowadays, C-sectionс have become very popular and the number of women giving birth with the help of this procedure is on the increase more and more. Women usually opt for a C-section because they don’t want to experience the pain from natural childbirth and also to reduce the discomfort to a minimum. Unfortunately, rarely do women take into consideration that this is an actual surgery and that it has its downfalls same as a natural childbirth has.

Ray Lee, a mother, published a photo of her C-section on the social media to help others realize that a C-section is as difficult as natural childbirth.

Along the photo, Lee wrote the following: “Do you actually know what it means to undergo a C-section? It’s a 20-inch long abdominal cut and a cut of all the layers of the uterus. The surgeons move all other organs aside so that the baby can be taken out. Believe me, this was not the way I imagined welcoming my son to this world.”

Just like after any major surgery, the body needs time to heal after a C-section, usually up to six weeks for a full recovery. Discomfort and throbbing pain in the abdominal area can be felt in the first week after the surgery. Every slight movement appears very difficult and walking without feeling pain takes time.

Therefore, pregnant women should think twice about a C-section, unless they cannot have a natural delivery. Having a C-section is not the painless variant of natural childbirth, as many think.

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