A stroke happens due to clogging of blood vessels. Stroke is usually associated with inappropriate nutrition i.e. consummation of large amounts of salt and fat leads to clogging of the blood vessels and this can cause the stroke.

That’s why you need to eat healthy, have healthy habits and be physically active. Maintain a normal weight, because obesity can also be the cause of a stroke.

You can influence the improvement of your health and prevent stroke and other difficult conditions. These are some symptoms that may indicate a stroke, do not ignore them, instead if you notice some of them make sure that you visit your doctor.

Pay attention to these symptoms:

– Impaired vision, blurred vision, etc., may be an indication of a stroke. Most people who have suffered a stroke had weakened eyesight.

– Severe headaches and sudden headaches are a common symptom, especially in women.

– Constant migraines are also a symptom.

– Impaired and unintelligible speech, discomfort in talking.

– Discomfort in breathing, chest tightness, inability to take a deep breath.

– A sense of constant tiredness.

– Constant hiccups.

– A feeling of pain on one side of the face.

– Paralysis of one side of your face.

– Feeling of gradual losing the feelings in your hands and feet, paralysis of the extremities.

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