Many people all around the world struggle with back pain almost every day. Sitting while you are working, improper body position and lack of physical activity can lead to unbearable pains that annoy you in carrying out your daily duties.

The causes of back pain are numerous, from everyday sitting, lack of exercise and morning exercise, wrong body positions while sleeping to incorrect body posture throughout the day. Also, carrying heavy weight on your shoulders can also cause you pain. This usually applies to women’s bags which are filled with many things, such as makeup, sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, umbrella, sometimes extra shoes or clothing. Carrying such bag on one shoulder can cause you back pain.

Back pain is a normal and everyday thing

Even 80% of the people have felt pain in some part of their back throughout their life. Experiencing this kind of pain is just as the one when you become sad or tired. But everything is all right until the point when these pains will not go away and they get even stronger. Therefore, when you feel a lot of pressure in the neck and the back that lasts a long time, you should see a doctor.

X-ray is not always indispensable

Everyone will feel safer if they get their back checked on X-ray. But what if the results are good and you still feel the pain? Experts point out that in Ireland there is always the possibility that the pain is not caused by sprains or injury of some bones, but myogelosis, which is a buildup of lactic acid in the muscles. Such pain is treated with simple therapeutic exercises and going to a massage.

Lying in bed does not help

In the first few days after a harder injury or a sprain, it is not advisable to immediately continue to work hard physical activity. However, you should soon start with lighter activities to get your body, knee and muscles back on the move and speed up the recovery. Constantly lying in bed will not help you because by doing that your body will get used to one position, and at the same time it can get inflexible, causing additional pain.

Stronger pain does not mean more serious damage

Two people with equal injury do not have to feel the same pain. The level of pain depends on numerous factors, such as the situation in which the injury occurred, past painful experiences, your mood, fears, stress levels, physical activity, and lifestyle.

Surgery  is not always necessary

A small percentage of people go to surgery for back pain. This is usually due to serious damage and injury. Most people suppress and cure that pain by starting the proper treatment on time. Proper physical activity and good nutrition can help you get rid of back pain.

There is no perfect posture

Of course, it is important to make sure that you hold the correct posture while walking or standing. However, when you are at work where most of the day you sit, then it is really difficult to maintain the spine straight. Experts note that you should change the sitting position more frequently so that the body would not become negligent.

Bad sleep can cause you back pain

When you feel pain it is very difficult to sleep well. However, bad sleep and insomnia can cause you stress, headaches, bad mood and anxiety, and all this pain becomes more powerful. Try changing the habits of going to bed and waking up.

Exercise is healthy and safe

Numerous people with back pains are afraid to exercise because they think that by exercising they will create additional problems. However, that is not the case. Regular exercise will make you healthier and in better shape. In the same time you will also feel less pain and discomfort. Regular exercise will help you relieve muscle tension, maintain the strength of the immune system, and release the negative feelings of stress and anxiety.

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