Humans need sleep in order to be able to function better and to refill with energy for the following day. However, a lot of times, people wake up in the middle of the night. Very often, they think that this means nothing, however, everything’s connected and this is definitely a sign of something else happening. According to Chinese medicine, if you wake up at specific hours at night, you either have some physical or psychological problem or a supernatural force is trying to get in contact with you.

If you wake up between:

11 PM and 1 AM– it means that you’re under a lot of stress and pressure and you’re coping with some disappointment you experienced in the last couple of months.

3 AM and 5 AM– according to experts, this is a sign that some out-of-this-world force is trying to communicate with you. According to experts, this is a relationship filled with sorrow. If this is the case, you should pray more or practice breathing techniques or techniques that will help you fall asleep easier and remain asleep throughout the whole night.

5 AM and 7 AM- if you wake up at this period, it means that your intestines are very active. Also, you might be worrying about an issue you’re having or some kind of an emotional burden you’re carrying.

Whatever the reasons for your frequent nighttime waking up is, you shouldn’t despair, but be persistent in solving this problem. Avoid sleeping pills because you will cause more damage and you might even become addicted. Instead, drink chamomile and lemon balm tea which are known to have calming properties that will help you fall asleep easier without causing any harm.

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